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Poison gas incapacitating individuals

"Poison, of course. The politicians' preferred method."
Inspector Tan Divo, Coruscant Security Force[1]

Poisons were substances that can cause various debilitating effects in living organisms upon the metabolic assimilation of sufficient quantities. There were many types of poison, some of which caused more damage to certain species than others. Some species were immune to some types of poison. Poison could be administered in many different ways. The more common ways were through the form of liquid or gas. Not all poisons were immediately deadly or harmful, alcohol was a mild poison but was harmless unless consumed in large quantities. Some poisons such as white fieljine were species specific.

Githany used the poisons Synox and rock worrt venom while trying to assassinate Darth Bane on Ambria.[2] In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation used the poison gas Dioxis in an attempt to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn on the Saak'ak over Naboo, right before the Invasion of Naboo.[3] Lolo Purs poisoned Senator Onaconda Farr's drink, killing him.[1]


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