"Would that Captain Kassler knew you were here, the miserly fool would storm the tower and try to rob you of profitable employment."
―Pok Nar-Ten to Platt Okeefe[src]

Pok Nar-Ten was a flashy Nimbanel who worked for the Klatooinian Trade Guild, a proxy for Hutt criminal activities. He was their representative on the planet Boztrok.[1] He operated from an imposing tower in Boztrok's starport, with his heavily-windowed main office halfway up, giving him a good view of his cantina's main entrance. The cantina was but one of several businesses he owned there, which also included seven docking bays and three tech hangars.[2] He dressed in fine robes and sat on an ornate greel wood throne in his audience chamber. He was known not to tolerate failure in his employees.[1]

Nar-Ten employed the Advozse Gjeel Dhantra as his majordomo and Nazrita Villache as a mechanic. On behalf of his shadowy Hutt masters, he also recruited young spacers into the guild, offering them their own freighters on what seemed to be generous terms, in return for a few years running cargo for the guild.

Among the pilots he recruited in this way was young smuggler Platt Okeefe, giving her her first starship, the Brentaal Princess. From the start, however, he ordered her to smuggle contraband through Imperial blockades, and after being forced to drop two cargoes, she fell behind on payments to the guild. In response, Nar-Ten decided to claim Platt herself as payment for her debts, and sell her into slavery—which may have been his real plan all along.

Although Platt subsequently made a successful run to Wroona, which she hoped would placate the Nimbanel, she was ambushed and apprehended there by the bounty hunter Zo'Tannath, working for Nar-Ten. The Nimbanel then seemed to have sold Okeefe to the Sludir slaver Quintik Kahr.[1] The smuggler later escaped from the slaver and named her next ship the Pok's Demise. However, it is unknown if she ever got her revenge against the Nimbanel.[3]


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