"He's served the constabulary well for decades. He's a force to be reckoned with, though I know he doesn't seem it at first blush."
Thi Xon Yimmon[src]

Pol Haus was a male Zabrak living on the planet Coruscant who served as a police officer for many decades with the Coruscant Police. When the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY, the planetary police force was renamed the Imperial Sector Police. Haus received the rank of Prefect and was placed in charge of a station house.


The Volette murderEdit

"The Imperial Sector Police is not political!"
―Prefect Pol Haus[src]

Pol Haus lived on the planet Coruscant during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Around 40 BBY Haus joined the Coruscant Police as a police officer. He was able to work his way through the ranks and eventually became a well regarded detective. He purposefully dressed in a disheveled way so that people would underestimate him. In 19 BBY the Galactic Empire was formed. As part of the Imperialization efforts, the Coruscant Police was given a new name, the Imperial Sector Police though Coruscant Police, or Constabulary would continue to be used. Haus was promoted to Prefect and placed in charge of the Zi-Kree Sector.[1] It was also at this time that Haus became a founding operative of the newly formed underground resistance movement named Whiplash. Haus assisted in ferreting Jedi and other victims of political persecution off of Coruscant. However, only the Whiplash leader Thi Xon Yimmon was aware of this and Haus remained an unofficial Whiplash operative.[2]

Later, in 19 BBY, Haus was sent by the Sector Command to investigate the death of Ves Volette. Though usually the investigation would be left to someone of lower rank, Haus had been sent since Volette had been a Caamasi and the Empire wanted to find a quick resolution to avoid more publicity of the Destruction of Caamas. Upon his arrival with police droids and the Forensics Unit, Haus found that Dejah Duare, Volette's girlfriend had discovered the body along with Private investigator Jax Pavan. While the forensics droids scoured the scene and took evidence, Haus interrogated the witnesses and ultimately ordered that they all have locator bands attached to them.[1]

After that, Haus began receiving reports from various incidents in his area that were the result of Pavan's and his team's investigation. This included the journalist Den Dhur impersonating a police officer, and an information broker named Spa Fon who accused the team of threatening him and attacking his employees. Haus ignored the first two incidents. However, later his officers responded to a complaint from a local Holo House arcade claiming that two humanoid females were destroying the place while fighting. Haus noted that the locator band indicated one that Pavan and his team were near the area. Annoyed, Haus and a detachment of officers in three police speeders caught up to and confronted the group. Haus while more annoyed than angry, never-the-less informed Paven that he was becoming a thorn in his side and warned the team to cease causing problems or be arrested. With this, Haus and his squads left the area.[1]

Though Haus continued to investigate the Vollete murder, he was unable to make any headway. A short time later, Haus received a request from Pavan to meet him and his team at the residence of Baron and Baroness Vlaçan and Kirma Umber. Annoyed but curious, Haus agreed and arrived with a droid assistant at the same time as Pavan and his team. Pavan explained that he had discovered who had killed Vollete. He revealed that several witnesses had seen Kirma Umber near the Vollete's home the night of the murder. Kirma admitted that she had been there but only to confront Vollete about Vlaçan Umber's attraction to Vollete's partner, Duare, and that upon leaving the residence, Vollete had still been alive. It was then that the Umber 3PO unit admitted that it had been he who had killed Vollete.[1]

The droid had been in service to the Umber family for a long time and, seeing her distressed state, had followed Kirma the night of the murder. After her confrontation, the droid had attempted to confront Vollete about the pain being caused to Kirma. However, being unable to reason with Vollete, the droid proceeded to kill him seeing it as the only way to follow its programing and protect its owners. After this revelation, the droid wiped its own memory and processing unit, effectively self destructing. With this turn of events, Haus became frustrated as he was now unable to make an arrest and would have a difficult time convincing his superiors that a droid had killed the artist. Duare suggested to him that he arrest someone who had been able to elude conviction in another crime and thereby give Vollete's death meaning. Haus agreed and had his droid assistant issue the orders to arrest several wanted persons, bringing the matter to a close.[1]

Helping Jax PavanEdit

After the Vollete murder, Haus began using Pavan and his team to gain intelligence on various crimes. In exchange, Haus agreed to ignore the gaps in the team's personnel histories and some of their extra legal activities. In 18 BBY, Haus began investigating a large increase of pure spice in the Zi-Kree Sector which he believed was under the control of Sol Proofrock the Hutt. He believed that the murder of a spice trader, Bal Rado was related and so requested information from Pavan's team. They uncovered that Rado's supply had dried up and that he had covered up that fact to his buyer who they confirmed as Proofrock. Rado had revealed his dilemma to a smuggler named Droo Wabbin who had in turn informed Proofrock. The team also discovered that within a day of that, Rado had been found dead and Wabbin had received a large sum of credits. However the group did not have any proof and Haus voiced his displeasure over their effectiveness as he had several complaints and dead bodies associated with their intelligence gathering. Before Haus could continue, however, Dejah turned on her Zeltron pheromones and began flirting with him. Haus, blushing, relented and accepted the summary of the information the team provided for him.[2]

He often tolerated the small offenses Pavan and his group committed since they usually provided him more results than his underlings. But when Inquisitor Probus Tesla was supposedly killed by a Force-sensitive fugitive, Haus was ordered by Darth Vader to capture the fugitive. He sought the help of Pavan's unique talents, letting him know that he already figured out Pavan was a Jedi in hiding. He explained that he harbored no thought of delivering Kaijin Savaros to Vader, but instead wanted to help him escape off world. Not knowing whether he was to be trusted, Pavan spoke with Whiplash leader Thi Xon Yimmon, who assured him Haus was completely trustworthy. He also learned that Haus was one of the original operatives of Whiplash. It was at that time that Haus was suspected by Darth Vader of being a member of the Whiplash underground movement. However, Haus was able to assist Pavan in escaping Vader's clutches and fleeing Coruscant. Haus remained undetected by Vader and stayed in his post as a police prefect.[2]

Undermining the EmpireEdit

"Vader is here. He’s been seen in ISB headquarters and he’s reportedly met with Palpatine. But, there’s none of the sort of activity I’d expect to see if he’d brought a high-level prisoner with him. No reassignment of guards, no concentration of Inquisitors. In fact—and this is the really peculiar thing—the Inquisitors have been dispatched offworld. Or at least the cream of their crop has been."
―Prefect Pol Haus giving information of Imperial movements to Jax Pavan[src]

After Pavan left Coruscant, Haus fully committed himself to Whiplash. Between the reports Haus received from police patrols, reports from other prefects and their districts, and his own network of informants throughout the police and the Imperial Security Bureau, Haus was able to track the movements of security personnel, the Inquisitorius, Darth Vader, and to a certain extent, the Emperor himself. This placed him in an ideal position to be in charge of security and intelligence Whiplash. Haus was able to warn them several times of impending raids by Imperial forces and eventually moved the group's headquarters into an old maglev train that was out of service but continued to run its rounds. When Whiplash leader Thi Xon Yimmon was captured, Paven returned to Coruscant. Haus intercepted him and Pavan's droid I-5YQ at the spaceport and took them maglev headquarters. There, the Whiplash Council debated whether or not to attempt to rescue Yimmon which they eventually decided against.[3]

However, Pavan disagreed. Pretending to be an Ubese merchant, Pavan visited Haus in his office and they left for the cover of the Ploughtekal Market. There Pavan revealed his plans to rescue Yimmon to which Haus agreed to remain silent on. Haus also gave Pavan a police lieutenant's uniform to allow Pavan unlimited access to his offices should Pavan need to visit him again. Later, Haus received information that the Emperor was visiting his villa at the Western Sea. Haus, worried that fellow Whiplash operative Tuden Sal would attempt to assassinate the Emperor resulting in a brutal crackdown on Whiplash, decided to keep the information quiet. However, Sal found out about the Emperor's plans and confronted Haus who admitted he had kept quiet to protect Whiplash. Believing Haus was now under suspicion, Sal told Haus he was no longer part of Whiplash.[3]

Though Haus left at Sal's demand, he continued to believe that attempting to attack the Emperor would be a fatal mistake. To that end, he had several private meetings with poetess Sheel Mafeen, a fellow Whiplash operative. Mefeen provided Haus with Sal's plans to attack the Emperor. Despite having warned Sal repeatedly and yet promising to not interfere, Haus decided to arrest Sal to prevent the attack from taking place. Haus called in a tactical unit and informed them that they were to raid a dangerous criminal headquarters. Together with the tactical unit and his lieutenant, Kalibar Droosh, Haus pretended to follow Mafeen to the platform of Whiplash's maglev train though he and Mafeen had already discussed the plan. However, the maglev train never arrived. Haus realized that Sal had mislead Mafeen as well and already suspected Haus was going to attempt to stop him. The tactical unit under Sergeant Amry and Lieutenant Droosh found an abandoned maglev car. Alarmed, Haus ordered everyone to leave the area but not before the train car exploded, injuring several officers. Fearing the worst, Haus speed towards the Emperor's villa only to find that Whiplash had already attempted and failed to kill the Emperor. Though turned away by ISB security personnel, Haus saw the bodies of Whiplash operatives and discovered that most of the Whiplash council and many of their top operatives were dead.[3]

Haus returned to the scene of the blown maglev train where the Forensics Unit was sifting through the debris. Haus began searching for the remainder of the Whiplash train, discovering it further down the tracks. Upon entering it, he found and confronted Sal who was hiding in his room. While Sal voiced his disgust at Haus as well as himself, Lieutenant Droosh had secretly followed Haus and surprised both men. Droosh revealed to Haus that he had suspected the prefect of strange activity for some time and would take him into custody to be turned over to the ISB. Before he could do so, however, Sal shot and killed Droosh but received a fatal wound himself. Sal told Haus to hide the evidence before dying. Together with Mafeen, Haus retrieved vital data from the train and they disposed of it in the lowest levels before they reported to Pavan what had occurred. Together, they were determined that Whiplash would survive and set about rebuilding the resistance network.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You don't miss much, do you?"
"Give me some credit, Pavan. I don't miss anything."
―Jax Pavan and Pol Haus[src]

Pol Haus had pale skin, golden eyes and no facial tattoos, which was unusual for a Zabrak. Though Haus achieved a high rank in the police force, he frequently dressed in a shabby manner and purposefully took on a dull attitude, traits he had developed while a detective. This caused many to underestimate him and allowed him to uncover more than he usually would have. In reality Haus had both a quick mind and strong sense for situations that were amiss.[1]

As prefect of the Zi-Kree Sector during the early years of the Empire, Haus walked a tight rope of dedication to his friends and the Whiplash resistance, his responsibilities as a police officer, and the loyalty demanded of the Imperial government. Though not always apparent, Haus worked tirelessly to protect Whiplash from the Imperials and even from themselves. At times this caused his friends to doubt his loyalty to them as he would at times appear to change sides, take actions against Whiplash, or withhold information from them. For the Imperials, Haus was a questionable ally. Though he came under suspicion by Darth Vader, in the end there was never proof of Haus' deception.[1]



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