Pol Secura was a male Twi'lek who was the uncle of Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and Nat Secura and the brother of Lon Secura. He was also a member of the Twi'lek Clan Council and the Clan Chief of Clan Secura.

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Secura's death

When Aayla's father died, Pol took the young Twi'lek girl but he soon sold her to the local Hutt, pretending she would be safe with him. Later, when he discovered the amount of money that he could make by smuggling, he started smuggling protected animals. But his illegal activities were soon discovered by the Jedi and the Jedi Council sent Jedi Master Tholme and his Padawan Quinlan Vos to investigate the case. Pol denied he had anything to do with the smuggling but when a wampa he had sold to the local Hutt earlier broke out, things came to light. To show his regret, he agreed to let Aayla be trained as a Jedi.

Ten years later, Pol was approached by Chom Frey Kaa. After Kaa invented glitteryll, he needed an experienced smuggler to bring this drug into the black market. He promised to protect Pol from his fate and Pol agreed to help Kaa. His illegal activities were discovered by the Jedi again and this time they sent Quinlan with his new Padawan, Aayla. Pol did not want to kill the Jedi so he erased their memory with glitteryll. Aayla became a dancer in his estate and Quinlan was taken to Nar Shaddaa. Though Quinlan's memory was erased he managed to retrieve much of it and following these memories he came back to Pol, asking for his Padawan. Aayla was unable to recognize Quinlan, who tortured Pol with Force lightning to make him confess. Aayla wanted to protect Pol and used Force Push to blow both Quinlan and Pol off the balcony. Quinlan was the only one to survive.

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