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"It appears you're ready to begin discussions. Better I do not hear them, I think. If you'll excuse me, I have a space station to run."
―Pol Temm[src]

Pol Temm was the male Kel Dor administrator of the Wheel as of 137 ABY. He had spent most of his life on the station, working on a number of posts from a casino bouncer to become the leader of the station security. When his predecessor was assassinated by pirates during the Sith–Imperial War, he activated a long-developed plan to transfer the ownership of the station to himself. His policy onboard the Wheel was that it was to remain neutral, and no weapons or fighting were allowed or he would eject the violator into space.[1]

He monitored the meeting between Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet and Captain Mingo Bovark of Roan Fel's faction of the new Galactic Empire.[2]

After the meeting was sabotaged by agents Morrigan Corde and Jor Torlin by making it appear that the Imperial ship fired on the Galactic Alliance ship, Temm ordered that all ships of Fel's empire be banned from the station.[3]

By 138 ABY, Pol Temm had disappeared after he tried to use an aged[4] Defender-class Star Destroyer[5] to enforce his "no weapons" policy[4][5] against a group of Mandalorian Supremacists. He was succeeded by Attatag Gosem, who did not enforce Temm's "no weapons" rule within the The Wheel.[5]



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