"It is said Mosor came home from war and found his wife with his best officer, Polen. Previously, Polen had to be dismissed due to an "accident". Enraged, Mosor had the maze built as a monument to his promise of revenge. It was on the night of its completion that Mosor drugged his wife and her lover on Vasarian Brandy, dragging them to the maze in the whispering darkness of the night."
―Excerpt from Tinrilo x'Rilsam's log[src]

Polen was a male military officer who lived on Tatooine long before the Galactic Civil War. By the time of the Battle of Yavin, it was rumored that a mysterious maze on Tatooine was built because of Polen. The story said that Polen has a romantic relationship with the wife of his commander, Mosor. Polen arranged to be dismissed and came home from war to enjoy some time with his lover in the absence of the husband. However, Mosor finally discovered the truth and built the maze as a monument to his promise of revenge. The night of its completion, he drugged his wife and Polen on Vasarian brandy, dragged them to the maze and sealed them in thereafter, leaving them to die in the heat of Tatooine. However, the accuracy of this story was debated since no corpses had never been found in the maze.[1]

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