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A Spaceport police droid (left) and a Guardian police droid (right)

Police droids were a type of fourth class[1] security droid[2] afforded programming that allowed them to harm sentient beings when very specific operational parameters were met—namely, the breaking of laws and endangerment of citizens.[3] They were specifically designed for the enforcement of laws or interaction with civilians, unlike battle droids, which were programmed for combat and frontline action.[2] Police droids were beyond corruption and fatigue, though their rigid procedural thinking could be outsmarted.[3]

Various local law enforcement agencies across the galaxy often relied on automated forces to supplement flesh-and-blood police officers and detectives, though very few wholly turn over such duties to police droids.[2] On Coruscant, local police divisions would not be able to patrol the vast reaches of the planet-wide city without the use of GU-series Guardian police droids. Spaceport police droids were particularly popular in spaceports and deep space facilities, where organic crews are kept deliberately small to reduce the amount of life support supplies required.[3]

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