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This article is about the professional law enforcement occupation. You may be looking for other uses of the term security officer.
This article is about police officers. You may be looking for other definitions of the term "Peacekeeper".
Police officer TofG

A Twi'lek police officer.

A police officer, also known as a security officer, peace officer, peacekeeper, policeman, or the slang term cop, was a person who served in a law enforcement agency and charged with enforcing the law and maintaining order.


Police officers were persons who served in a law enforcement agency. They were responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law. The vast majority of police officers were employed by local or planetary governments though galactic governments employed police officers as well. In many instances they were a part of the local Planetary Security Forces and so served as both police and military. Depending on the local planetary customs and laws, police officers would either be little more than security monitors or brutal and corrupt oppressors of the state. Most however fell in the middle. They had the authority to investigate crime, detain suspicious persons, make arrests with sufficient evidence and use deadly force in self defense or to protect others. In many cases officers would start at a lower ranks and then later work their way up to become a supervisor or administrator. Those with experience could also become detectives. Slang terms for police officers included the terms "Cops", "Seccers", and "Boys in Blue".


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