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A Coruscant Security Force lieutenant in full uniform.

Police rank was the established order of commanding responsibility between the various police officers of a law enforcement agency. In many cases the ranks were similar to military ranks.


Corellian Security Force[]

After graduating and performing well in the field, CorSec police officers could be promoted to Master Sergeant,[1] Lieutenant,[2] Captain,[3] and Major.[4] CorSec was headed by a Director.[5] Officers could also become CorSec Inspectors in they wanted to perform purely investigative work.[6] During the time of the Galactic Empire, the organization was observed by an Imperial Liaison officer. [7]

Coruscant Security Force[]

During the days of the Galactic Republic, CSF police officers were sometimes referred to as Republic Peace Officers.[8] As to rank, Officer[9] or Constable was the lowest,[10] then Sergeant,[11] Detective,[12] Chief of Detectives,[12] Lieutenant,[13] then Captain. The CSF was lead by the CSF Senior Command[14] and briefly during the Galactic Empire by a Moff.[15] Other titles included Incident commander[16] and Scenes of Crimes Officer.[14]

Senate Guard[]

Although the Senate Guard of the Galactic Republic organized along the lines of a military force, its responsiblity were protection and police services. The Senate Guard was headed by a Captain of the Guard.[17] A Sergeant at Arms was in charge of security in the Grand Convocation Chamber.[18] Beneath them were Captains,[18] then Commanders who would lead a small detachment of 6 to 10 Guards,[17] then Lieutenants, then Privates.[18]


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