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A Coruscant Security Force lieutenant in full uniform.

Police rank was the established order of commanding responsibility between the various police officers of a law enforcement agency. In many cases the ranks were similar to military ranks.


Corellian Security ForceEdit

After graduating and performing well in the field, CorSec police officers could be promoted to Master Sergeant,[1] Lieutenant,[2] Captain,[3] and Major.[4] CorSec was headed by a Director.[5] Officers could also become CorSec Inspectors in they wanted to perform purely investigative work.[6] During the time of the Galactic Empire, the organization was observed by a Imperial Liaison officer. [7]

Coruscant Security ForceEdit

During the days of the Galactic Republic, CSF police officers were sometimes referred to as Republic Peace Officers.[8] As to rank, Officer[9] or Constable was the lowest,[10] then Sergeant,[11] Detective,[12] Chief of Detectives,[12] Lieutenant,[13] then Captain. The CSF was lead by the CSF Senior Command[14] and briefly during the Galactic Empire by a Moff.[15] Other titles included Incident Commander[16] and Scenes of Crimes Officer.[14]

Senate GuardEdit

Although the Senate Guard of the Galactic Republic organized along the lines of a military force, its responsiblity were protection and police services. The Senate Guard was headed by a Captain of the Guard.[17] A Sergeant at Arms was in charge of security in the Grand Convocation Chamber.[18] Beneath them were Captains,[18] then Commanders who would lead a small detachment of 6 to 10 Guards,[17] then Lieutenants, then Privates.[18]


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