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Pollillus was a Core Worlds planet. It was the homeworld of the two-headed sentient Troigs, including the famous sportscaster Fodesinbeed Annodue. By 32 BBY, the planet had only recently been discovered by the galactic community. A decade later, HoloNet News reported on the efforts of one of the heads of the Pollillus Troig Dwuirsintabb to become surgically separated from the other head.


Pollillus was a planet[5] located within the Vannell system.[2] It was situated within the Core Worlds' Vannell sector,[1] beyond the Koornacht Cluster.[3]

Pollillus' surface featured several landmasses, which appeared green-colored when viewed from space, and numerous interconnected bodies of water.[2] There were no predatory creatures on Pollillus that could have sprung surprise attacks on the evolutionary ancestors of Troigs, the planet's native sentient species.[6]


Pollillus was home to the Troigs, such as Fodesinbeed Annodue.

The Vannell system, including Pollillus, was first discovered by the wider galactic community not long before[3] the Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY.[7] When ambassadors of the Galactic Republic visited Pollillus, a number of curious Troigs left their homeworld aboard departing transport starships.[3]

Among those early emigrants were the male Fodesinbeed Annodue,[3] who, eager to explore the galaxy, boarded one of the earliest vessels to leave the planet.[6] Annodue eventually became a sportscaster and one of the most famous Troigs to leave Pollillus.[8] The Troig developed a passion for high-speed racing, such as Podracing, due to the lack of similar events on Pollillus.[9]

By the date 13:4:4, Dwuirsintabb, a Troig resident of Pollillus, attracted media attention when one of the Troig's heads, Dwuir, wished to become surgically separated from the other head, Tabb. Dwuir sought medical assistance from off-world, and the case was reported on from Pollillus by the HoloNet News.[4]


Pollillus was the homeworld of the two-headed Troigs, a unique sentient species,[6] members of which used a distinct language in communication on their home planet.[2] Pollillus was the site of the settlement known as the Twin Cities,[4] although the planet was generally considered to be technology-poor.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Pollillus was first mentioned in the 2000 "Fode and Beed" pack of the Star Wars: Power of the Jedi Hasbro toy line.[10] The planet was provided its visual depiction in the 2006 reference book The New Essential Guide to Alien Species, which was illustrated by Chris Trevas and William O'Connor.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Vannell system, and therefore Pollillus, within grid square J-10.[11]



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