Pollux Poi was a male Anx engineer who was considered to be both brilliant and insane. He was contracted by the Shell Hutts to develop assassin droids to battle the Gejalli kajidic. After upgrading in the Builder Forge, an ancient intelligence that was part of a machine on Kashyyyk, the droids managed to assassinate the third through fourteenth ranking Hutts in the line of succession for Gejalli clan head. The Gejalli thus hired Dashade Shadow Killers to kill the engineer responsible. Hence, Poi fled to the deepest underlevels of Kashyyyk, where he spent the next twenty years—which Poi called "the shadow game"—hiding from the Dashade, with his droid creations acting as his bodyguards. The Dashade's hunt for him soon ended when the Cron Cluster was destroyed during the Great Sith War, but Poi himself soon died of natural causes. His droids later became the A-series assassin droids.


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