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Polyhedron was originally a publication of the Role Playing Game Association (RPGA) that sometimes included articles concerning West End Games Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Following the RPGA's acquisition by Wizards of the Coast, it became a publication dedicated to d20 system games such as Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game. In all of these incarnations, the publication provided missions, game statistics and background material for gamers.

In 2002, Polyhedron became a section of Dungeon magazine. It continued to run until August 2004, when Dungeon editor Erik Mona discontinued Polyhedron and refocused the magazine purely on Dungeons and Dragons content.

Within the continuity of Star Wars Legends, issues from the single issues of Polyhedron are non-canon but may contain ambiguously canon elements, while issues printed after the merger with Dungeon are canon.

Canon (Star Wars Legends) articles[]

"I do want to clarify that the old Polyhedrons, to my knowledge are unofficial. There were a few Star Wars articles in Dungeon/Polyedron magazine that were published after April 2003 that are official."
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