The Pom-hopper was an animal from Naboo. An amphibious mammal, it was much more comfortable in the water than on land.

Sleeping Pom-hoppers.

The Pom-hopper was a small, dainty herbivore native to the swamps of Naboo. They were very light, having slightly porous bones, and they had dog-like features. They were given their name because of their tendency to hop quickly across water covered in Pom Petals. Pom-hoppers required Poms in their environment to live - without Pom pheromones, Pom-hoppers were even threatened with sterility. The very wide, webbed feet of the Pom-hoppers enabled them to leap among and balance on large Pom Petals. They had small tusks used for both defense and for cutting through blossoms. These creatures usually slept dangling underwater, breathing through their tube-like nostrils; they hid from predators in the same way.

Soon after 32 BBY, the Gungans transported Pom-hoppers and other animals to the moon of Ohma-D'un to try and establish an ecosystem. Most of the flora and fauna of Ohma-D'un, however, was destroyed during the Clone Wars by Separatists, at the Battle of Ohma-D'un.


Pom-hoppers Pom-hopping.


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