Pon Edestus was a Force-sensitive Nautolan male and mercenary who traveled to Spintir to hone his Force abilities.


Pon Edestus was born into slavery. He managed to free hundreds of sentients in a slave revolt, although at the cost of his left arm. When he recovered from his wounds incurred during he revolt, he found he has been supplied with a cybernetic arm and his freedom had been purchased by Hethan Romund. Romund, a scholar, believed him to be Force-sensitive after witnessing him survive what should have been mortal wounds. She hired him as her bodyguard on an mission to a world purported to be the burial site of a Jedi Master. The mission was a success and Romund paid Edestus with the lightsaber of the fallen master. Since then, he worked as a mercenary who fought in the name of the oppressed.

After Romund was captured by the dark sider Malefax in 0 ABY, Edestus joined with other individuals to rescue her.



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