Pondut was a research station for the Galactic Electronics company located in the Corporate Sector. The station developed the magnetic pulse warhead which had the ability to temporarily knock out the weapons systems on an enemy craft.


They decided to sell it to the Rebel Alliance. However, there was an Imperial law banning the sale of such weapons, although, since the Corporate Sector was neutral in the war, they could easily bypass this law. The Rebels used the magnetic pulse in a raid on an Imperial Research Station. The station security forces managed to capture a Rebel B-wing starfighter using the warhead, and traced it back to the Corporate Sector, Galactic Electronics, and more specifically, research station Pondut.

Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin was sent to capture Pondut, and freeze Galactic Electronic's assets. This would mean entering neutral Corporate Sector territory, but the deed was still completed. Zaarin was "infrantic about capturing everybody!" according to an Assault Gunboat pilot. Pondut was captured with all personnel accounted for. Needless to say the Imperial-Corporate Sector relations were at an all time low after the skirmish at Pondut.

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