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Jedi Master Pong Krell utilized two personal lightsabers during the Clone Wars. They were two double-bladed lightsabers, one of which was blue and the other green, and the blades emitted a more aggressive humming sound than most lightsabers when active. Krell's lightsabers had an unique design that allowed it to fold at the middle, so that they could be clipped to Krell's utility belt easily.[1] During his deployment on Umbara, Krell did not fight beside his troopers unlike most Jedi and so his lightsabers were only used rarely; once to kill several banshees attacking his troops and again (in its folded state) to threaten CT-5555 into silence.[1] When Krell was exposed as a traitor, he used the lightsabers to slaughter dozens of clones as they attempted to arrest him before he was subdued.[3]

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