"You can't silence me forever!"

Ponlar was an outspoken Human from Iziz on Onderon who supported General Vaklu's opposition to Queen Talia. He was met by Meetra Surik while protesting in Iziz's Merchant Quarter where he later instigated a riot. Ponlar tried to persuade Surik to help him and his crowd in an attack on some loyalist soldiers when a guard threatened to have him arrested.

However, Surik refused because she believed that Talia was the rightful ruler of Onderon. Ponlar's speeches eventually began to call for a riot, but Surik eventually persuaded him to stop his propaganda.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the Exile is on the dark side or decides to work for Vaklu, they can help Ponlar to kill the Royalists soldiers instead of protecting them. Alternatively, the Exile can refuse to get involved in the fight, resulting in Ponlar's death at the hands of the Royalists. Another option, which is available if the player has the Force power dominate mind, is to use a Jedi mind trick and convince Ponlar into giving up and going quietly. In addition, if the player chooses to aid Ponlar, side jobs for Anda become available.


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