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Pons Ora was one of the few settlements on the surface of Abafar, a remote desert world located in the Outer Rim Territories. During the Clone Wars, it was host to a Separatist rhydonium mining installation.[3]

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Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems used Pons Ora's mining installation to mine for rhydonium.[3]

In 20 BBY,[4] D-Squad under Colonel Meebur Gascon arrived at the city after traversing through The Void.[1] There, Gascon tried to get a meal at Power Sliders, to no avail. However, Gascon and Corporal WAC-47 discovered that the Power Sliders' dishwasher Gregor was a Amnesiac Clone commando Captain who went missing following the Battle of Sarrish. After jogging his memory, Gregor and D-Squad were able to retrieve his armor from Borkus. They then learned from Borkus about a ryhdonium shipment being taken aboard a Jedi Cruiser by the Separatists. Together, they formed a plan to steal the Separatists' shuttle and board the cruiser. Gregor held off the droids while Gascon and D-Squad escaped.[2]



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