"Boy, you best clip that line of blabber unless you want me to tan your hide with a dry popper-stalk."
―Glen Taffral, to Webb Taffral — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Popper-stalks were a type of plant found on[1] the Outer Rim planet[2] Saleucami.[1] In 4 ABY,[3] Dav Taffral of the Rebel Alliance returned to his Saleucami home, which had popper-stalks growing around it. During a Taffral family dinner, Dav and his Imperial-loyalist brother, Webb Taffral, began to argue, and their father, Glen Taffral, interrupted their dispute with advice. Webb then mocked Glen, but backed down when the older farmer threatened to strike him with a dry popper-stalk if he continued.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Popper-stalks appeared in Aftermath, a 2015 novel written by Chuck Wendig.[1]


Notes and references[]

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