Lady Por'Ten was a Human female who was the leader of one of the Cestus Cybernetics Families and the wife of Lord Por'Ten. She had a narrow face, tattooed lips, and blue-veined hands.


The Families of Cestus Cybernetics aspired to overthrow the Regent G'Mai Duris from the government. The Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Vippit Doolb Snoil managed to make the Regent give up trusting the Families. Then, Caiza Quill, Lord and Lady Por'Ten, and Debbikin the Young caught the magcar to move through the subterranean tunnels.

During the journey, Jedi Master Kit Fisto pretended to be one of Count Dooku's envoys, Nemonus, and he held back the four leaders to make a negotiation. Then, they were liberated by Kenobi, with a perfect performance. These fact made Ord Cestus change its position in favor of the Galactic Republic. But Quill received a hologram where was revealed the Jedi sham. So, Regent Duris had to depend on the Cestus Cybernetics again.

Then, the Five Families, allied with Asajj Ventress, used the JK-13 security droids against the Desert Wind. When the conflict was acquiring importance the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine decided to send the cruiser Nexu. When the ship achieved the orbit of Ord Cestus, the Five Families, including Lord and Lady Por'Ten, took refuge in a secret bunker, that finally was discovered by ARC trooper Jangotat. Jangotat went on search of the leaders of Cestus Cybernetics but got trapped next to the bunker. He eventually sent a code ordering the Nexu to bomb over him. Everybody died.



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