Port Haileap was a spaceport and outpost located on the planet Haileap during the High Republic Era. Its marshal was Jedi Master Douglas Sunvale. Young inventor Avon Starros was sent to Port Haileap from Coruscant by her mother, Senator Ghirra Starros, in an attempt to keep her out of trouble, although Avon's minder, Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh, thought that being at the port gave the girl more opportunities to do what she wanted. Rwoh, Avon, and Avon's droid J-6 departed Port Haileap with a group heading to the space station Starlight Beacon aboard the Steady Wing at Sunvale's request, as he thought that having Avon befriend Honesty Weft, the son of the Dalnan ambassador, would help ease their concerns with the Galactic Republic.[1]

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