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"Spacers come to Port Haven to enjoy the sun and surf… oh yeah, it's also a good place to go to avoid Imperial entanglements."
Platt Okeefe on Port Haven[src]

Port Haven was the third of seven planets in the Whendyll system and was known as a place for smugglers and spacers to recuperate, relax and fix their ships. The planet was filled with thick jungles and Azure oceans.


Port Haven Map

Map of Port Haven settlement

Approximately 250 years before the Galactic Civil War a small group of idealists from Salliche arrived on Port Haven searching for a more tranquil way of living. They desired each person to have a direct representation in a colonial government in contrast with the huge bureaucracy that had ruled Salliche society for millennia. The colonist were not prepared for living off the land nor could they successfully defend themselves from the creatures of the jungle which prey on them and destroyed their attempts at farming. The colony was therefore abandoned after only a few years.

It was only around the time of the Galactic Civil War that settlers returned. Hallomar's arrival on Port Haven was a mystery; some say that he arrived in a ship buried at the beach while other believe that he was the last of a family from the initial colonization of the planet. The Mon Calamari Mister Mxil soon joined Hallomar and both played host to the various smugglers and spacers that later arrived.

The Bounty Hunter Code stated that there was a Bounty Hunters' Guildhouse on this planet, with a motor pool of missile-equipped LUX-3 landspeeders.


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