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Porter Engle, known as the Blade of Bardotta, was an Ikkrukkian male Jedi Master and cook who lived during the High Republic Era. Sporting an enormous beard, Engle was once a legend within the Jedi Order.[2] At some point he captured the Hutt Clan enforcer Ola Hest at Gardulla's Palace after the Ottegan had brought down a children's hospital on Novor.[4] Eventually Engle stepped down to become a humble cook, becoming known for his recipes, such as Nine-Egg Stew. During the Great Hyperspace Disaster, he was stationed at the Jedi Outpost on Elphrona.[2]


Early Jedi career[]

Porter Engle joined the Jedi Order over three centuries before the Great Hyperspace Disaster. His long lifespan allowed Engle to take on many roles as a Jedi for extended periods of time. His years spent as a diplomat, an explorer, a teacher, and a warrior led to his legendary reputation within the Jedi Order. Among his many exploits was an incident that cost Engle his left eye and left a scar along his face.[2]

Rescue on Elphrona[]

Around the time of the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Engle served as the cook at the Jedi outpost on the planet Elphrona. When the Nihil kidnapped the wealthy Blythe family on Elphrona, an anonymous being sent a message to the Elphrona outpost pleading for Jedi aid. Engle and fellow Jedi Indeera Stokes, Loden Greatstorm, Padawan Bell Zettifar, and the charhound Ember quickly responded to the call, traveling in a Vanguard to the family's homestead. However, the Nihil band had already seized the family and the Jedi found only a group of mole mines left as a trap by the marauders. The mines attacked Porter, Loden, and Bell while Indeera scouted ahead on a Veil speeder. Each Jedi dispatched the attacking mines in different ways, and Porter's precise and skilled technique caught the attention of both Greatstorm and Zettifar. This distraction allowed a mine to slip past the Jedi and destroy their Vanguard transport.[2]

With their original vehicle lost, Porter suggested riding the three steelees left in the Blythes' corral to catch up to the Nihil before they could reach their ships and escape Elphrona. The three Jedi and their charhound companion pursued the escaping raiders, gradually closing the distance between the two groups until they reached a narrow canyon. The Nihil leader, having noticed their pursuers, stationed a pair of snipers high in the canyon. One of these shot and killed the steelee being ridden by Engle. The Ikkrukkian stayed behind to deal with the pair while Loden and Bell rode on after the remaining Nihil and the captive Blythes. Porter killed one sniper, throwing his lightsaber and slicing through the Nihil after deflecting the man's next blaster attack. He then leapt high into the rocks, where he discovered the second sniper attempting to coax a steelee into fleeing. The second raider shot at Engle and the Jedi deflected the bolt back into his attacker's face mask. However, as Porter calmed the man's frightened steelee and prepared to resume the chase for the rest of the Nihil, the injured sniper sat back up, not dead as the Jedi had assumed. As Engle prepared to die at the hands of the Nihil, knowing he would not be able to move quickly enough to avoid the next blaster shot, Ember arrived. The charhound saved the Jedi by shooting flames from her mouth and burning his would-be killer alive.[2]

Porter caught up with Loden and Bell and found that Erika Blythe was now in their care and in desperate need of medical attention. Engle, the best healer of the three Jedi, volunteered to take Erika back to their outpost for treatment. He left with the injured woman as Greatstorm and his Padawan continued their pursuit to rescue the rest of the settler family.[2]

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