Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rodian is a roleplaying-game adventure in the Living Force campaign. It is Episode I of the Jigsaw trilogy.

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Inconsistencies[edit | edit source]

The scenario features the 125th anniversary of the signing of the Cularin Compact, which according to the Living Force Campaign Guide took place in 154 BBY. This would date the events of the scenario to 29 BBY, but this contradicts the canon established by the Living Force scenario Philology, in which the Cularin system disappears from the galaxy for ten years, between c. 31 BBY and c. 21 BBY, thus making it impossible for the anniversary celebration have taken place during that timeframe. This article therefore assumes that the 29 BBY dating is a mistake, and that the scenario is set during the time of the Clone Wars, along with the other scenarios in released in Year 4 of the Living Force campaign.

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