Positive ID was a free Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure. It was written by J.D. Wiker.

Plot[edit | edit source]

An unidentified group of characters need to buy some item(s) from Torga the Hutt, who sends his intermediary, Nak Simm, to negotiate the deal. Torga's rival, Moska the Hutt, however, gets wind of it and sends his Clawdite assassin Nomo Sliken to sabotage the deal and ruin Torga's plans of an alliance with another Hutt crime lord, Jolla, by making him lose face. Sliken murders Simm, a Zabrak, and takes his form. He then goes to meet the buyers of Torga's item(s), at the Corusca Gem casino, and acts so obnoxiously and sets such a ridiculously high price for the good(s) that the buyers are about to terminate the deal, when Thraka Duroth, another of Torga's goons who has discovered Simm's body and assumes that the buyers did it, and tells them that he is taking them to Torga for judgment. Sliken takes this opportunity to slip away, but is chased by the buyers, who now realize what has happened, and a chase through the casino ensues.

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