The positronic processor was a modification of a droid, used for espionage. Developed by Imperial Intelligence, the processor worked with the B2-X droid. They were used by smugglers, pirates, and slicers.

The positronic processor are too small to be called proper droids and are too personable to be called anything else, positronic processors can be attached to the power points of larger computer systems to access information and override command sequences. They have male and female personalities. They had the ability to open data streams, shut down security, and substitute their owner's commands for those of the computer's operator.

Chenlambec a Wookiee bounty hunter wore a heavy, reptile-hide bandolier studded with bowcaster quarrels and silver cubes which had a positronic processor called Flirt. Flirt was tiny, box-like and was a female programmed to access intelligent computers by tapping in through their power points. Flirt's seduction of the computer systems aboard the Hound's Tooth played a major role in helping Chenlambec trick and capture Bossk, the Trandoshan bounty hunter. Following that success, Flirt was given the powerful body of an X-10D service droid that previously had been all but brainless.

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