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"Battling with Warlord Teradoc and your Admiral Ackbar for Zsinj's leavings, I fared rather poorly."
―Teren Rogriss, to Wedge Antilles[3]

After the death of Warlord Zsinj, a three-way campaign broke out between Admirals Ackbar, Teren Rogriss, and Treuten Teradoc over the remains of his empire.


"I cost your New Republic a lot in that struggle. I've nothing to be ashamed of."
―Teren Rogriss, to Wedge Antilles[3]

When Zsinj died at the Battle of Dathomir, Admiral Teren Rogriss of the Galactic Empire—formerly in a loose partnership with the New Republic in the campaign to take down Zsinj—abandoned any pretense of an alliance and moved into Zsinj's former territory to grab what he could. Admiral Ackbar of the New Republic, meanwhile, lead the New Republic fleet into Zsinj's territory to secure worlds for his own government. Thanks to a recent alliance with the Hapes Consortium, Ackbar was able to use a number of Star Destroyers gifted to the New Republic in his campaign.[2]

Meanwhile in the Mid Rim, warlord and self-styled High Admiral Treuten Teradoc of the Greater Maldrood, who had long skirmished with Zsinj before the latter's death, saw his own chance and moved across the Perlemian Trade Route to seize the worlds of the Gordian Reach. He ran directly into the middle of Rogriss and Ackbar's war, and the two-way conflict became a three-way fight.[1]

The New Republic was involved in some of the worst of the fighting, with its Star Destroyers getting the brunt of the conflict. The Star Destroyer Crynyd and most of the Hapan ships were lost, Emancipator and Liberator were severely damaged and had to be pulled back for repairs, and Leia Organa Solo's flagship Rebel Dream was attacked and captured by the Empire's Peremptory at the Battle of Storinal, though Organa was not aboard at the time. But Rogriss suffered more, losing the majority of his battles.[2] Teradoc beat the Imperial admiral at Feriae Junction, winning the loyalty of many of Zsinj's ships, but it was not enough to save him. He lost heavily to Ackbar at Maridun and Thanos, the latter in his own territory; the New Republic moved in to take Gala and ultimately Teradoc's capital of Centares, and the warlord's kingdom collapsed. Teradoc fled the battle and his territory for the security of the Deep Core, where he established himself anew.[1]

Meanwhile, the New Republic was doing more damage to the Empire than vice versa. When at last they captured the major shipyard world of Kuat in the Core Worlds, Rogriss was forced to retreat. The New Republic emerged from the conflict victorious, holding three-quarters of the galaxy.[2]



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