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This time period, following the Manderon Period, lasted until the outbreak of the Great Sith War that marked the beginning of the Old Sith Wars in 4000 BBY.

Timeline from the Manderon Period until the Old Sith Wars[]

  • c. 4500 BBY
    • Parties from the Republic begin to contact the planet Kamino, seeking to make use of the Kaminoans' exceptional cloning technology.[1]
    • By this time, Republic scouts had discovered the star systems of the future Corporate Sector.[1]
    • The Altiri and Anarrians come into contact with each other, sparking a global conflict that lasts for almost six hundred years.[9]
    • An independent scout vessel drops out hyperspace too close to the gravity well of the planet Iol, causing the pilot to crash on the planet and inadvertently uncovering a large vein of ore used in the creation of durasteel. The pilot names the planet Iol and submits a claim to the world, but Tangan Industries intercepts and modifies his claim to give the company rights to the world.[9]
    • The Barabel War, a millennia-long conflict among the Barabel species, erupts due to disputes over hunting grounds on their homeworld of Barab I.[22]
  • c. 4498 BBY
    • Tangan Industries has completed a full mining colony on Iol, which expands into three cities scattered across the planet over the next few centuries.[9]
  • 4400 BBY
    • After being denied Knighthood, a Padawan named Freedon Nadd explores the Yavin system and encounters Naga Sadow's spirit, who sways Nadd to the dark side of the Force. Nadd kills Sadow's spirit and establishes himself as a king on the planet Onderon, where he institutes a policy to banish criminals into the wilds beyond the walls of the city of Iziz. Nadd establishes a dynasty of dark side-wielding monarchs.[3][23]
    • The exiled criminals manage to tame Onderon's wild beasts to become the Beast Riders, and the Beast Riders wage war on Iziz, sparking the Beast Wars.[3]
    • The Mon Calamari of Dac begin to launch starliners to colonize planets around their homeworld over the next two centuries. (Approximate date)[1]
    • Around this time, a team of Jedi Knights including the Devaronian Chamma are sent to investigate a distress call on the planet Athiss. There, the group is attacked by Sith devotees, and Chamma succumbs to the dark side during the encounter. Disappointed in his failure, Chamma goes into self-imposed exile on H'ratth. (Approximate date)[24]
  • 4300 BBY
    • The Miraluka Jedi Master Noab Hulis arrives on H'ratth and speaks with Chamma, convincing him to return to the light and end his exile.[24]
  • 4250 BBY
  • 4225 BBY
  • c. 4200 BBY
  • c. 4100s BBY
    • New navicomputer technology begins to render jump-beacons obsolete.[26]
  • 4166 BBY
    • The Mon Calamari species makes first contact with the Republic when Republic scouts encounter Mon Calamari starships near Ruisto.[1]
    • The planet Darvannis is discovered by spice smugglers in the Calaron sector. (Approximate date)[27]
  • 4129 BBY
  • c. 4100 BBY
    • Bacta is introduced to the galaxy, becoming a competitor to kolto. (Approximate date)[1]
  • 4086 BBY
  • 4085 BBY
    • A vintage of wine that will become known as the particularly rare Ord Mantell 432 BTC is produced on Ord Mantell.[30]
  • 4070 BBY
  • 4067 BBY
    • The Republic exploration vessel Starveil is lost while performing a study of the Luire system; the ship's last communication indicates that the crew planned to land on the fifth planet Nyriaan, but the ship is never found.[28]
  • c. 4056 BBY
    • The Dynamet Corporation donates a large sum of credits to the hospital Mercy General on Taris for the construction of a wing devoted to curing the rakghoul plague. The hospital is renamed Dynamet General in thanks.[32]
    • Around this time, civil war breaks out between Taris's nobility and the planet's largely alien lower class. The conflict is sparked when rising levels of toxic pollution poison the planet's oceans and famine sweeps the city-world, and the nobility begin to hoard food for themselves. Though the lower classes rise up against the nobility, the rebellion is ultimately crushed after millions died in the fighting.[33]
  • c. 4050 BBY
    • Jedi Knights devastate the Lorell Raiders at the Battle of Lorell, forcing the survivors to retreat to the Hapes Cluster. The Raiders and their female prisoners eventually evolve into the matriarchal and isolationist Hapes Consortium.[18]
    • Scouts from the planet Shor discover the planet Giaca.[9]
    • Drokko Kira is banished from the city of Iziz for challenging the dark side legacy of Freedon Nadd.[34]
  • c. 4043 BBY

Behind the scenes[]

This time period has not been explicitly identified, although Daniel Wallace has indicated that it might be part of a larger Sidereal Era.[39] No official sources in canon have confirmed this as the dating scheme for the Sidereal Era mentioned in The Constancia Affair has not been fully revealed.



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