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Pote Snitkin was a Skrilling who served Jabba the Hutt as both a helmsman for one of the Hutt's skiffs and a weapons dealer.


Snitkin skiff

Snitkin's skiff during the Skirmish at Carkoon.

Before working for Jabba, Snitkin had worked for the Corporate Sector, but had to flee due to committing industrial espionage. After impressing Bib Fortuna by delivering a cache of Imperial munitions, Pote Snitkin had opened the doors to an opportunity for him to do business for the crime lord; supplying him with needed weaponry. One of his assistants was the Yuzzum Wam Lufba who was called 'Blam' by the Skrilling. However, Snitkin soon found a rival in weapons specialist Hermi Odle, whose work overshadowed the Skrilling's. The rivalry grew when Snitkin sabotaged one of Odle's weapons, causing the death of one of Jabba's favorite pets. In 4 ABY, Pote Snitkin was part of the ill-fated execution party that accompanied Luke Skywalker to the Great Pit of Carkoon to be eaten by the sarlacc, before the young Jedi turned the tables on his captors and began fighting back. Pote was the driver of the second skiff, and was the last one aboard killed by Skywalker. You can see the back of his head, laying up against the back rail of the skiff as Luke jumps from the skiff to the sail Barge.


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