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The power gem attack ship was a small two-seat craft used by the Rebel Alliance on Yavin 4.


A power gem, a powerful stone believed capable of disrupting a starship's defensive shields, was affixed to the front of the vessel.


The Rebels attempted to use the power gem to take down to shields of the Super Star Destroyer Executor as it headed for the Rebels' base, hoping to at least delay its arrival to allow for the base's evacuation. Initially, the craft launched with Commander Vrad Dodonna and Luke Skywalker aboard, but Dodonna landed and forced Skywalker out of the ship and attacked on his own. The power gem proved useless against the Executor and Dodonna was killed, but the attack did help delay the immense warship.

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Behind the scenesEdit

This vessel was not given an official name, but was referred to as an "attack ship".


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