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"You are summoned, Wat Tambor of the Crimlin clan. Come now, to the Power Mounds of the Elders!"
―An Elder, to Wat Tambor[src]

The Power Mounds of the Elders,[2] also known simply as the Power Mounds,[3] were an exclusive site[1] located in the Clouds of Cormelish[2] on the planet Skako where the Elders, the ruling body of the Skakoans, would gather.[1] The Skakoan homeworld's most sacred site, it factored heavily into their complex religion and was the resting place of the Book of the Boolmide, which was kept and read by the Elders.[3] Few were invited to the mounds;[2] chosen individuals who travelled there and read from the book could open the Gates of Grontessiant, a supposedly mythical realm.[3]

After losing an eye to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, Wat Tambor of the Crimlin clan was summoned to the Power Mounds by the Elders.[2]



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