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"Corporal, you and I will refuel in this fine establishment."
Meebur Gascon to WAC-47[src]

Power Sliders was a diner located in the city of Pons Ora during the Clone Wars, on the remote planet of Abafar in the Outer Rim Territories. The front sign read Ower Sliders after the first letter had fallen off.[1] It was located beside Game Go.

The eatery did not allow the entrance of droids. Additionally, it did not serve Meebur Gascon, a member of the Zilkin species, who wanted to order the special of the day.

Gascon at Borkus's diner

Gascon tries to order in Borkus's diner.

The diner served a variety of dishes, including Eopie stew, Nuna Gumbo, Ewok Jerky and Fambaa Delight.

It was run by Borkus, a male Sullustan. Clone commando Gregor worked there as a dishwasher after he went missing in action in the Battle of Sarrish.



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