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"If you won't use a mechno-limb, this powerchair will have to do."
"You'll not be making me into a half-droid, that's for sure. This little buggy will do fine."
Owen and Cliegg Lars[src]

A power chair was a one-being, repulsorlift-powered floating chair also known as a hover chair or repulsor chair.


Power chairs used basic antigravity technology to lift the chair above the ground, and were controlled via a panel on the armrest. These chairs were commonly used by disabled, wounded or elderly beings.


Yoda's hover chair

Yoda using a hover chair.

Aarrba the Hutt used a hover chair around 5000 BBY as did most Hutts throughout galactic history, due to their enormous weight on most humanoid-compatible planets.

Jedi Masters Vandar Tokare and Yoda were known to use hoverchairs during their later years, to keep pace with their humanoid companions.

The Galactic Senate, around the length of its hearing room tables, used repulsorlift chairs that adjusted to the heights of many differing species.

Cliegg Lars was forced to use a power chair after losing his leg during an encounter with Tusken Raiders, and both Maximilian Veers and Leia Organa Solo used power chairs after sustaining injuries to their lower bodies—the former after Derek Klivian crashed his snowspeeder into Veers's AT-AT walker, the latter after an encounter with Tsavong Lah on Duro.

Bertroff Hissa used a hoverchair after losing his arms and legs, though at this point he had been given prosthetic replacements.

Luke Skywalker used a hoverchair after the Battle of Endor while he recovered from being electrocuted nearly to death by Emperor Palpatine.

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Cliegg Lars in a power chair after losing his right leg

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The power chair was a 60 month veteran reward for players of the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.



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