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"But I was going over to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters…"
―Luke Skywalker, to Owen Lars[1]

A power converter

Power converters were a device used to transfer power from one source to another. Luke Skywalker intended to get some power converters at Tosche Station in 0 BBY.[1] Distracted by the events that would ultimately lead to his joining the Rebel Alliance, he never did get the power converters, and speaking of it with Nakari Kelen, wondered if they were still there.[2] When Tam Ryvora was fixing a racing starfighter, her Aurebesh list of parts included "3 new power converters". An Aurebesh list of inventory in the Office of Acquisitions on Colossus included "26 new power converters".[3] When Kazuda Xiono was impersonating a First Order technician aboard the Titan, he carried a datapad listing open work orders. The fourth point on the list, which was written in Aurebesh, read "remove power converters".[4]

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