A power lance was a variant of energy lance that lacked the latter's ability to fire plasma bolts. Like the energy lance, its main purpose was use in mounted combat, but while energy lances functioned underwater, power lances were designed for troopers on speeder bikes. Comprising an elongated grip, a conical guard, and a vibro-edged shaft that terminated in a conical heating element, the power lance was essentially a Great force pike with alterations made for balance and easier handling.

Unlike normal force pikes, however, the power lance's cone-like tip could be heated to incredible temperatures, and in many ways functioned as a cutting torch during combat. Charging an opponent with the lance held forward allowed this heated tip to punch through thick vehicle armor and melt internal circuitry and occupants. The lance was primarily an anti-vehicle weapon, but was more than effective against infantry, capable of cutting through organics, droids, and vehicle armor alike.


Power lances were used by both clone lancer troopers and IG lancer combat droids during the Battle of Muunilinst, with the clones using a Verpine model. Durge also wielded one such lance during the battle. The Serpent Masters of Ophideraan used power lances that fired disrupter rays.



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