"Lieutenant-Commander, we're in position."
―Prakas, to Orson Krennic[1]

Prakas was a male individual who served as a commander within the Galactic Republic Navy during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In 21 BBY, Prakas was assigned to be part of a mission to rescue the scientist Galen Erso and his family from the planet Vallt and ensure that the world could be reclaimed by the Republic.

Once Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic got the Ersos onto his light freighter, Prakas—arriving in the star system aboard his cruiser—was contacted by Krennic's team. After being told by Krennic what resistance they would meet, Prakas began his attack run.


"Right on schedule, Prakas! There were droids and a Settie-class drop ship on the surface, though it might be in the air by now. When you're done with them, target the Keep."
―Orson Krennic, to Prakas[1]

Prakas was a male individual who lived during the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Republic. Prakas came to serve in the naval branch of the Republic Military, attaining the rank of commander and serving aboard a Republic cruiser.[1] In 21 BBY,[2] Prakas was part of a mission approved by a Republic admiral as well as Zerpen Industries, which wanted to reclaim its ignition facility; the planet Vallt had fallen to the Confederacy, and the scientist Galen Walton Erso had been captured by the new Separatist-aligned government. With the Republic aware at least some anti-Separatist legions still existed on Vallt, Prakas was assigned to lead an attack run after Lieutenant Commander Orson Callan Krennic had retrieved Erso—whom the Republic hoped would join a top secret battle station project—and his family in a prisoner transfer.[1]

Prakas waited until Orson Krennic had rescued the Erso family before launching his attack on Vallt.

As Prakas and his cruiser waited to launch the attack run, Krennic—who was pretending to be part of Zerpen Industries—arrived in Vallt's spaceport aboard the light freighter Good Tidings, a smuggling vessel captained by Has Obitt and crewed by several human direct action operatives. After taking the Ersos—who had been exchanged for two Separatist scientists, Nan Pakota and Urshe Torr—aboard, Krennic, while strapping in, ordered his communications technician to contact Prakas as soon as the Good Tidings took off, trying to ensure that the commander gave them enough time to escape before the attack run.[1]

As the light freighter fell under attack from a Confederate warship, Prakas's cruiser, keeping with the pre-planned schedule, dropped out of hyperspace into a predetermined position within the star system and contacted the Good Tidings, telling Krennic that his forces were ready. Krennic warned Prakas about the enemy forces he had seen at the spaceport—a total of fifty battle droids and a Settie-class drop ship that he warned could be in the air—before telling Prakas to attack the planetary capital, the Keep, once those forces were taken out. Even though Erso's wife, Lyra, quickly objected to Krennic's order, Prakas carried through with his attack run as the Good Tidings escaped. The plan was successful; Vallt was reclaimed by the Republic, which sought to use the world as a staging ground.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Contact Commander Prakas as soon as we lift off. Tell him to give us just enough time to get up the well."
―Orson Krennic, to his communications technician[1]

As a military officer, Prakas followed his orders, with his cruiser appearing in position and on time during the rescue of Galen Erso.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Prakas appeared, albeit only over communications, in the 2016 novel Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno.[1]


Notes and references[]

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