Prakith was a mountainous fortress world that, thanks to its unstable terrain, was a difficult location to conquer by force. The world was located in the Prakith system of the Deep Core. It was part of Sector 5.[1] The city Gallia was on this planet.


In the time of the ancient Sith Empire, the Sith Lord Darth Andeddu built a tomb to himself on the planet, hidden inside his keep, after escaping his enemies by building a false one on Korriban. There his mummified body lay for thousands of years.[3]

Early in the planet's history, Prakith was a volatile, volcanic world, but was stable enough for Imperial survey teams to explore it during their expeditions into the Deep Core. Prakith's close proximity to the Galactic Core made it a prime location for a hidden redoubt, and was one of the first Deep Core worlds to be civilized. It had a strong Mining Guild presence. The Emperor himself selected Prakith as the base of operations for the Inquisitorius.[1]

Prakith's major cities (such as Prak City) were built atop the planet's large plateaus, surrounded on all sides by great caverns and crevasses. Since ground travel across such terrain proved difficult, natives often used cloud cars and airspeeders for transportation. The natives were, under Imperial rule, a relatively subdued and businesslike population.[1]

The Imperials on Prakith voted to continue the war against the New Republic even after the death of Palpatine, and supported the reborn Emperor during his attempt to retake the galaxy. With the destruction of Byss, Prakith became an independent Imperial world led by warlord Moff Foga Brill, who was only nominally under the authority of Grand Moff Gann. The planet was impoverished, living conditions miserable. Prakith was finally captured and integrated into the New Republic after many years of attritional warfare.[1]

At some point before 37 ABY, a group of dark side cultists found Andeddu's Keep and isolated themselves there for generations, drawing upon its powers. By 137 ABY, the world was still inhabited, with the keep still being located far from the nearest city, hidden amongst inaccessible terrain.[3]

Darth Wyyrlok the Third ventured to the planet in an attempt to find a cure for his master's illness. He was tricked by the holocron of Andeddu, which secretly contained his intellect, and was first ambushed by the cult, then the reanimated Sith Lord himself. After having bested the Sith and buried his remains, Wyyrlok took several of his texts and left the planet.[3]



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