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"Besides master, quite frankly, the Gu-vandi and L'Xing needed a good war. They were races that relied more on words than actions, and a good, brisk killing woke them from their torpid state."
―HK-47 to the Jedi Exile — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Praven Prime was a planet that contained the nations of L'Xing and the Gu-vandi Collective. It is strongly implied that the Gu-vandi Collective controlled the star system containing Praven Prime itself. The two nations were incited into a civil war by HK-47 at some point after 3959 BBY, a conflict lasting many years, and continuing at least up until the re-emergence of the Jedi Exile (3951 BBY). The civil war forced the Republic out of Gu-vandi space, and the planet itself seceded from Republic control, which was viewed by many as the most practical step—maintaining a diplomatic and military presence there would have been token gestures of control, at best.

Following the dual onslaughts of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, the investment of Republic resources into subduing the L'Xing/Gu-vandi conflict and re-cultivating in trade and diplomatic relations was looked upon as being far too great for what the government would receive in return. Additionally, it was predicted that the drastically reduced L'Xing population would eventually need to call upon the Republic for relief on the government's own terms, benefiting the Republic immensely—supplying such emergency supplies at a fraction of the cost to the now-decimated population.



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