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"Nor do the Chiss produce appreciable numbers of Force-sensitives, though we call their gift Third Sight. But when such rare individuals are born, they come to us with but one ability, that of precognition."
Thrawn, to Darth Vader[src]

Precognition was an ability of the Force that Anakin Skywalker utilized during his time as a Jedi Knight and Sith Lord to peer into the future to know where and when an attack was coming from. Chiss individuals, nearly always females, who were born to be Force-sensitive, were born with the ability of precognition. Because of this, they were used by the Chiss to navigate and pilot their ships through the Unknown Regions, as well as finding and mapping temporary hyperlanes. Only Chiss children had precognitive power to safely guide their ships at the speed the Aristocras demanded, and as the Chiss grew older the ability faded, regardless of the amount of training or practice the individual undertook.[1] Vah'nya was rare among the Chiss due to keeping her ability after childhood. She also had the ability of Second Sight.[3]

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Precognition was first mentioned in Star Wars canon in the 2015 novel Aftermath, written by Chuck Wendig.[5] It made its first appearance in the novel Thrawn: Alliances, which was authored by Timothy Zahn and released in 2018.[1] Precognition was originally introduced in Star Wars Legends in the 1995 novel Children of the Jedi, which was written by Barbara Hambly.[6]

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