Predator was the Anzati assassin Kell Douro's personal ship. He used it to pursue Jaden Korr to the frozen moon in the Unknown Regions.

Design and ModificationsEdit

The Predator was a modified CloakShape fighter owned by the Anzati assassin Kell Douro. Douro made many modifications to the ship, including a hyperdrive sled and sensor evading technology stolen from the StealthX design. Predator also had several stasis freezers in its cargo hold, which Douro used to keep his captured sentients for feeding.


The Predator was Kell Douro's personal ship for many years, up to 41 ABY. In that year, Douro used the ship in his hunt for Jaden Korr, under assignment for the One Sith. After Douro was killed by Khedryn Faal on the Frozen moon, Predator was taken by the Community, an escaped group of Jedi-Sith clones, who used the ship to flee the moon for the Unknown Regions.

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