The Predominance was an Ishori war cruiser and the flagship of the Ishori task force over Bothawui during the Caamas Document Crisis. It was commanded by Captain Av'muru.

Shortly before the Second Battle of Bothawui, the Predominance was prevented from attacking a pair of Sif'krie skiffs by Leia Organa Solo, who damaged the Millennium Falcon so that it could not maneuver and then called on Captain Av'muru to help her and her passenger, Trustant Elegos A'Kla of the Caamasi Remnant. As the Ishori were fervent supporters of the Caamasi, Av'muru abandoned his attack to help.

The Predominance was also important during the battle itself, which began when Imperial infiltrators took over one of its turbolaser clusters and fired eight times into the capital city of Drev'starn. Although the power to that cluster was quickly cut off, the battle had already begun.

Leia Organa Solo, who had been aboard to negotiate an end to hostilities along with President Ponc Gavrisom, would later take over the Predominance to seek out the cloaked Imperial ships which had captured the Millennium Falcon. Captain Av'muru threatened her with death under Ishori War Law for this, and was stopped only when President Gavrisom retroactively declared her action to be an official emergency requisition under Section 45-2 of the Treaties of Allegiance.



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