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Prefsbelt IV, also referred to as simply Prefsbelt,[4] was a green planet in the Prefsbelt system, a star system in the Prefsbelt sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] It was notably the site of the ancient Republic—and later ImperialNaval Academy.


The name "Prefsbelt" originated as a corruption of Prefid's Belt, a constellation visible from the planet Fedje that included the Prefsbelt system's star. Prefsbelt IV was first discovered by Galactic Republic citizens fleeing the tyrannical Pius Dea cult in the 11,600s BBY. Admiral Pers Pradeux of the anti-Pius Dea Renunciates later discovered the colony and made it a Renunciate stronghold.

After the Pius Dea's defeat at the Battle of Uquine in 10,966 BBY, Pradeux and his fellow officers met on Prefsbelt IV to restructure and reorganize the Republic Navy, and the Republic Naval Academy was soon established on the planet at Castle Pradeux. Prefsbelt became a world with a naval tradition to rival that of Anaxes.

The Academy's location was kept secret for millennia, but even after it became common knowledge, its location was still officially classified. The Academy became the Imperial Naval Academy under the Galactic Empire, serving as the premier institution of the Imperial Navy and one of the three primary schools in the Imperial Academy system.[4]

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