"One thing is [important]—I loved you, Syayna. Don't ever think that wasn't so."
―Prepredenko to Syayna[src]

Prepredenko was ruler of Jazbina and father of Princess Syayna.


Following the Battle of Yavin, Prepredenko contacted the Rebel Alliance claiming his planet would like to join them.

He met with Luke Skywalker, who agreed to "rescue" his kidnapped daughter in return. Syayna, however, was actually meeting secretly with Rebel agents, since her father was in reality still on the Galactic Empire's side. Prepredenko thwarted their plans and used the cam droid 3DVO to disable Skywalker with a tranquilizer dart, so he could be delivered to the Empire.

Upon the arrival of Darth Vader, 3DVO, who felt guilty for his betrayal of Skywalker, gave Prepredenko false information by telling him that Vader wanted the young Rebel to be killed before he arrived on the planet. So Syayna pretended to kill Skywalker by shooting him with a stun bolt. Prepredenko informed Vader of Skywalker's "execution" and was immediately arrested and tortured by Vader's stormtroopers. With his last breaths, he apologized to his daughter before passing away. His death, illegally filmed and broadcast live by 3DVO, drove the Jazbinans to rise up against the Empire.

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