The President of the Senate was a title of the Chief of State as the leader of the New Republic Senate. The position had a seat on the Ruling Council, and was presumably elected from among the Senators by the Senators.

The title of President of the Senate was given to the Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic, and also the preferred title under some.

This was also the position of the Grand Vizier in the Imperial Senate.

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In EU sources written before the prequels, the term "President of the Senate" was used to refer to the leader of the Old Republic; when the prequels revealed the Republic's leader to be called the Supreme Chancellor, "President of the Senate" was retconned to be one of the Chancellor's titles. However, The Essential Chronology and The New Essential Chronology have both identified the leader of the Senate during Ulic Qel-Droma's trial as President of the Senate, adding some confusion. The Databank article on Ulic Qel-Droma describes the President as Supreme Chancellor.

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