Prestige was the measure by which students at the Sith Academy on Korriban succeeded. According to Sith teachers such as Uthar Wynn and Yuthura Ban, Sith students gained prestige by performing great deeds or acquiring valuable Sith artifacts from the Valley of the Dark Lords. Gaining prestige fostered much competition and cutthroat ruthlessness among the students, ideal qualities of the Sith.

While infiltrating the Sith Academy, Revan had to gain prestige points in order to find the Star Map hidden inside Naga Sadow's tomb.

Behind the scenesEdit

Possible ways for the player to gain prestige:

It is also possible to pass the trials by killing all your fellow students, but this victory is only a technicality as you are the only survivor: Uthar will award no prestige for this as it is your opponents' failings that allow your success.


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