"They're conducting interviews like this all over Lothal. I heard that they expelled two dozen cadets from a regional academy on the far side."
"I heard that too. And that one of the cadets at Pretor Flats confessed to treason and was taken away by stormtroopers."
Uzall and Giles[src]

Pretor Flats Academy was an Imperial Academy located in Pretor Flats on the planet Lothal. It was on the far side of the planet from the Academy for Young Imperials. "Dev Morgan" allegedly transferred from this school to the Academy for Young Imperials. Morgan was actually Ezra Bridger, a rebellious youth who had been sent to infiltrate the academy. Oleg referred to it as "Yokel Flats Academy".[1]

Later, Pretor Flats Academy was the subject of rumors, such as that a cadet from there had been taken away by stormtroopers for admitting to having committed treason against the Galactic Empire.[2]

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