"All right. Friends just tried slipping a ship off Burnin Konn. Empire shot it down."
―Dapp tells the smuggler about the Pretty Profit[src]

The Pretty Profit was an Allanar N3 light freighter used by the Trade Spine League during the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector by the Galactic Empire. During the blockade, the ship attempted to leave the planet Burnin Konn; however, the vessel was shot down by Imperial forces and crashed. The Empire then cordoned off the crash site, deploying a force of Imperial cadets to protect it. The Trade league was ready to write the vessel off as a loss, but the gangster Happy Dapp, a friend of the League active on Burnin Konn, then sent a young smuggler to create a distraction in front of the Pretty Profit so that the gangster's droids could recover the cargo from the back undisturbed. The smuggler fought a large number of cadets at the vessel's front in order to create the distraction, which allowed for all cargo to be recovered by Dapp.[1]

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The Pretty Profit first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Uprising, which was released on mobile platforms in 2015.


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