"This rig's designed by Professor Prexo himself—best cyberdoc there is!"
―Rajam Nuss[src]

Prexo was a human male cyberneticist who created the auto-surgeon. He mentored Rajam Nuss, who later commended his expertise to Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0. After 0-0-0 killed Nuss, he and Aphra sought out Prexo to remove the proximity bombs inside them.


"This Professor Prexo guy's the real deal. He could remove the bombs easy."
―Chelli Aphra, to 0-0-0[src]

At some point Prexo created the auto-surgeon, an automatic voice-activated surgery lab. He was the mentor of Rajam Nuss, who used to sleep during his classes. Nuss used Prexo's auto-surgeon for his work. He believed Prexo was the best cyberneticist there was and used the auto-surgeon himself.[2]

Sometime after the skirmish aboard Accresker Jail, Nuss was trying to remove the proximity bombs from Chelli Aphra and the assassin droid 0-0-0. After he had finished, 0-0-0 inquired to Nuss on tracing a broadcast sent from his eyes. Nuss could not do anything about it and recommended him to Prexo. 0-0-0 saw no further use with Nuss and killed him. As he did this, Aphra found out Nuss had failed to remove their proximity bombs and hit a fail-safe in the process, setting the bombs to explode in ten hours.[2] With Nuss out of the picture, Aphra looked up Prexo and realized he could be able to remove the bombs. The pair subsequently decided to travel to his home in South District Seven.[1] When they got there, they found out Prexo was not present. He had been hired by Winloss and Nokk to trace the signal from 0-0-0 eyes back to the source so they could capture Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba. He killed the transmission once the two criminals were in custody.[3]

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Prexo was a human male with a cybernetic left eye. He did not take unsolicited calls.[1]

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Prexo was a cybernetics professor and mentor. His expertise led him to create the auto-surgeon and he was praised by one of his students, Rajam Nuss.[2]


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