The Priamsta (colloquially, the Prim) was the name adopted by Eiattu 6's nobility after their deposition of the royal house and their formation of an oligarchy. A faction of the Priamsta organized the murder of the former ruling family, and years later, the council found itself embroiled in a civil war against the People's Liberation Battalion.

After the Battle of Endor, they discovered that an heiress to the royal line had survived, Rogue Squadron pilot Plourr Ilo. At the Priamsta's request, she returned to rule her people, but they had to adjust to a new political situation, with a revitalized monarchy determined to rule in cooperation with the people.

Members included Grand Duke Gror Pernon, a scion of the royal line, and his son Count Rial Pernon, and also Count Arian Laabann, the leader of the party favoring continuing Priamsta dominance, who subsequently became head of what Plourr wryly called the "loyal opposition".



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