Priapulins were a sapient species from the planet Pria, one of the Core Worlds.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Priapulin species were sentient gastropods resembling large worms with five knobby notochords arranged around their tubular length. When fully extended flat, they measured at four meters in length, however preferred the configuration of an upright S shape. They had three pairs of eyes, and the underside of their bodies were covered in thick bristles. The spiny appendages along the edges of their bodies were specialized for a number of purposes, being hooked, thorny, or spatulate. Used in conjunction, these appendages were used as a form of locomotion or could be used as hands and fingers for grasping tools or wielding weapons.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

Priapaulin G8

A group of Priapulins.

Native to the ocean planet Pria, the Priapulin maintained a civilization dedicated to peace and were noted as having avoided many conflicts for centuries. While the species dominated the food-chain on Pria, they managed to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with the other sentients on the planet, including the Crast species. Known for their strong sense of humor, Priapulins adhered to a strict code of loyalty and honor. While Priap was their native language, Priapulins spoke Basic in a smooth whisper. Priapulins measured distance in "salt pans" (nine of which was equal to eleven kilometers) and time in "tides" (one of which equaled ten hours).[1]


Inhabiting a planet deep within space controlled by the Galactic Republic since its founding, the Priapulin did not seem to play an active role in influencing galactic history, and no records indicate that the planet hosted any battles during the constant threats which threatened the Republic over the millennia.[2]

Priapulins in the galaxyEdit

While not widely spotted far from their homeworld, some Priapulin found employ as smugglers and common laborers. One such Priapulin was Charza Kwinn, a pilot who was often employed by the Jedi Order to transport Jedi Knights from the Coruscant Jedi Temple to planet throughout the Galactic Republic on missions. During the early years of the Separatist Crisis, Kwinn transported Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to Zonama Sekot as the two searched for the missing Jedi Vergere.[3]

Force-sensitive Priapulins were known to exist, with at least one serving in the ranks of the Jedi Order long before the New Sith Wars. Jedi Master Skwelli was highly proficient in the art of lightsaber combat and was noted for wielding six lightsabers simultaneously with recordings of his prowess memorialized within ancient Jedi holocrons.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Priapulida are a group of real-world worms.



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